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Our aging begins with birth, in fact, human beings are constantly genetically coding and in a struggle with the environment, over time, both the decrease in the regeneration power of our skin, the effect of gravity, environmental pollution, sun rays, bad habits such as smoking and diabetes etc. aging due to diseases.


In this process, with the decrease in skin regeneration, our skin becomes thinner. With thinning, its naturalness is lost and it gains a parchment-like appearance. Since thinning of the skin increases water loss, dryness occurs and causes wrinkles.


In the effect of gravity, in fact, the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue are constantly exposed to sagging with the effect of gravity over time, in the struggle with our skin.


Environmental pollution is one of the factors that seriously affect our skin; It causes dryness of the skin, decreased self-renewal power and color changes. 


We can say that the sun rays are actually the factor that affects our skin the most. By increasing water loss from the skin, causing DNA damage to the skin, activating the cells called melanocytes in the skin, it can cause various color changes, bad appearance and various skin cancers.


Smoking, diabetes etc. In such cases, our skin ages by damaging the skin’s self-renewal power.


Numerous methods have been found in medicine to stop the aging of our skin, at least slow it down and rejuvenate the aging skin.


KP; We talked about the decrease in the self-renewal power of the skin over time. In this case, when the number of younger and healthier cells from the bottom decreases, a poor quality, dull, lifeless looking old layer occurs on the upper layers of the skin. If we can peel this layer, wound healing is stimulated from the bottom and we reach a more vibrant skin appearance. 

Laser and fractionated laser (laser resurfacing) is a peeling process like KP, but scar formation and discoloration can be seen from time to time in this method.


B, which has been used in the field of aesthetics for about twenty years in the world, causes relaxation in the muscles, flattening the skin, better nourishing with lymphedema and becoming DLG, causing it to look flat, lively and bright.


In DLG, we now use more natural substances, which we call DLG, instead of silicone, we can successfully correct wrinkles and collapses of the skin, and with the water-retaining effect of hyaluronic acid, the skin looks more lively, bright, smooth and young.


PRP is a method of rejuvenating the skin by injecting cells called platelets, stem cells and growth factors from one’s own blood under the skin. Here, we can reverse all kinds of skin aging signs.


In the method we call thread face lift  or spider web, we place permanent or soluble thread-like structures under the skin, causing the new #DLG synthesis, water retention, stretching of the skin and achieving a lively appearance. I do not use fixed threads due to patient preference or the possibility of rare side effects. I treat my patients with great satisfaction, especially with the spider web method, with self-melting threads.


MZTRP ; MZTRP literally means close treatment, we sometimes cannot give the appropriate effective drugs in appropriate doses due to side effects, or the medicine we give to the patient may not reach the desired place. We are able to make patients happy in the field. The needles we use in MZTRP are micro-needles and we do not experience any problems in patients.


It is a method of rejuvenating the skin with devices with much smaller needles on the roller or microneedling method. In fact, even though our skin ages over time, there is also a genetic code of rejuvenation and renewal. We activate the rejuvenation and regeneration memory of the skin with the roller method. We provide regeneration of the skin at appropriate depths with appropriate needles. In injuries after birth, there will be more or less scars in the healing process, but in injuries that occur in the womb in the period we call the fetus, the skin heals itself completely smoothly. The superiority of roles over all other methods is evident here. While there is recovery due to type 3 #DLG synthesis in wound healing after birth and in other methods, type 1 #DLG dependent healing process is active during the fetal period or in the healing process that we stimulate with the roller method. One of the things I like the most is that we can combine the roller method with MZTRP, we can increase the effect of the rollers by applying MZTRP drugs in the same session. In addition, in PLING or laser methods, although the skin is rejuvenated, some thinning or various color disorders may cause irregularities in the skin, which we call scarring, rarely due to improper wound healing, while in the roller method, the skin becomes thicker, vibrant and stronger, and color changes and scar development never occur.


You are never alone in the aging process of your skin. In our clinic, you can get information about the most suitable treatment methods for your skin, be treated safely by a specialist physician, and continue with long-term follow-ups with interest.